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About WFIA Government Affairs

We work for you. We take action!

At WFIA, we are intimately involved and continuously engaged in the ongoing flow of decision making. Our Government Affairs team is actively involved in the political process of legislation, regulation, and politics affecting grocery and convenience store industries.

Get Involved in Government Affairs

We encourage all WFIA members to get involved by participating in the Government Affairs Committee or by working with their local legislators and government officials on a wide variety of issues. When we are united, our voice will be heard!

WFIA's Government Affairs Committee is made up of industry experts who help determine the priorities of WFIA. The GAC forms policy positions and legislation impacting the grocery and convenience store industries. They are also responsible for the Washington Food Industry PAC. Washington Food Industry PAC helps to fund the campaigns of pro-business candidates for legislative and statewide offices, and support ballot measures favorable to the grocery and convenience store industries and oppose those that are not.

Public officials who understand the importance of  grocery and convenience store industries to the state's economy are hard to come by. Individuals willing to serve who are able and willing to advocate our industries' viewpoints must be encouraged and supported. Your participation is vital!

Support the PAC

Through our political action committee, WFIA works to advance the grocery and convenience store industries’ priorities. WFIA’s PAC plays a major role in supporting food industry friendly legislators and candidates in Washington State’s elections.


Join the WFIA Retro Program

We specialize in administering workers' compensation Retrospective Rating (Retro) programs and have more experience than any other company in the state.