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WFIA Leadership Development Program

WFIA helping to grow the next generation of leaders in Board Oversight and Leadership!

This program is focused on developing future leaders who have a passion for working in the grocery and convenience store industries and desires to understand the influence of government on the industries as well as developing leadership skills.

This program combines elements of mentoring, organizational education, leadership, policy trends, training and guided experiences. We are looking for individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to WFIA and who have the desire to grow and advance in the independent grocery and convenience store industries.

Nomination applications are now OPEN. We look forward to working with new and young leaders in your organization!

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Program Goals

The purpose of the Leadership Development Program is to provide both orientation and skill development for future leaders of various segments of the food industry including retailers, suppliers, brokers, wholesalers, and companies that service the food industry.

Identify individuals who want to become leaders in their business and in WFIA.

Provide opportunities for program participants to promote themselves and their industry.

Provide education on WFIA’s mission and develop these individuals to become leaders in theassociation, particularly focusing on future board leadership.

Facilitate the promotion of program graduates into industry leadership positions both locallyand nationally.

Provide high level education on public policy areas that impact on their business to helpparticipants become leaders on these issues.

Encourage program participants to seek positions in political arenas as well.

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