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WFIA Legislative Priorities

WFIA represents the grocery & convenience store industries. Our issues are very broad yet unique. Some of our issues include labor, transportation, food waste, sustainability, and taxes.

The Association advocates the interests of the independent grocery  and convenience store industries on state legislative and regulatory issues that could significantly impact the business operations of our retailer and wholesaler member companies. Our strength is in our members and WFIA represents unique and diverse members in every corner of the state.

WFIA 2024 Priority Issues

Alternate Fuel and Charging Stations

WFIA supports policies that make it easy for WFIA members to install electric vehicle (EV) and other alternative fuel sources like hydrogen to allow our stores to grow in a cost-effective manner and enhance our customers’ experiences.

Retail Theft/Public Safety

WFIA continues to advocate for real solutions to the ongoing issue of retail theft. As these crimes become more prevalent and more violent, our employee’s safety has become our top priority.

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

WFIA is monitoring Extended Producer Responsibility proposals which would establish a program for the management of consumer packaging and paper products to be funded and implemented by producers of those products, including reuse and recycling rate targets, convenient collection service standards, responsible management, infrastructure investments, and education and outreach.

Deposit Return Systems for Beverage Containers (Bottle Bill)

WFIA does not support deposit return systems for beverage containers, instead we encourage the Washington State Legislature to look at Washington’s existing structure for funding, waste reduction, recycling and consumer education for creative solutions that will make a difference in reducing plastic waste in our waste streams.

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We specialize in administering workers' compensation Retrospective Rating (Retro) programs and have more experience than any other company in the state.