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2023 WFIA Week 15 Off the Shelf Legislative Session Recap

April 24, 2023

Welcome to the final Off the Shelf podcast for the 2023 legislative session. As of 10:00pm on April 23, 2023, the legislature has signed off for the year. We remain hopeful they do not initiate a Special Session to negotiate the “Blake Fix” which addresses possession of a controlled substance. A few bills of note passed in the last week, including Vehicle Pursuits (SB 5352) and the Warehouse Bill (HB 1762). Despite an overwhelming number of labor bills crossing the finish line, we were able to defeat the Natural Gas Ban (HB 1589) and the WRAP act (HB 1131) which created a deposit return system for bottles in WA.

Stay tuned for our New Laws Report and upcoming webinar. There have been updates to several other bills, so click the link below to listen to the full podcast or other episodes.

Transcript of Podcast