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NW Farms Honored as 2021-22 WFIA Vendor of the Year

Bryce and Andrea Clemmer, co-founders of NW Farms, the largest vertical indoor hydroponic farm in production the West Coast, have been named Vendor of the Year by the Washington Food Industry Association (WFIA). The award gives special recognition to an individual or individuals who have shown exceptional dedication and support to independent grocers in Washington state.

Nestled away quietly in a 25,000square-foot Lacey business park, the farm grows six different kinds of lettuce that can be grown in just 20 days – three times faster than lettuce grown outdoors.

NW Farms’ hydroponic operations are pesticide-free and use 90 percent less water than traditional farming operations. Their locations in Lacey and Auburn grow a variety of greens, herbs and berries for consumers to enjoy whether purchased from a local grocer or in a local restaurant.

“Washington state’s food industry is fortunate to have this industry leader in our own backyard,” said WFIAPresident and CEO Tammie Hetrick. “NW Farms is taking sustainability to the next level when it comes to farming, growing sizable amounts of fresh produce and herbs for the region in and around Puget Sound. As a result of their sustainable practices, NW Farms will save over 100 million gallons of water ina year to grow their produce and herbs for area grocers.”

The farm supplies produce to local, regional and national distributors, foodservice, manufacturers and retail customers within 1-2 days of harvest. During the pandemic, their ability to make produce available locally has made them a reliable source of fresh produce and herbs for retailers, restaurants and consumers in the South Sound.

“The food industry continues to look for better and more innovative ways to feed people in a sustainable manner. NWFarms sets the standard while meeting the needs of retailers and consumers,” added Hetrick. “For this, we honor NW Farms with our 2021-22 Vendor of the Year award.”