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Organically Grown Company Honored as WFIA Vendor of the Year for 2023-24

The WFIA has awarded the Organically Grown Company (OGC) with its Vendor of the Year award for 2023-24.

Organically Grown Company was founded in 1978 by a group of gardeners, small-scale farmers, hippies and environmental activists with a shared vision to expand the availability of and demand for organic produce. OGC started as a non-profit, but quickly evolved into a community-led cooperative with a mission to develop a fair and just marketplace. The company continues to be a leader in promoting organic agriculture and sustainable food systems.  

It has also become a highly valued distributor to Washington and Oregon’s independent, small grocers.

 “Small, independent grocers often struggle to offer locally grown specialty products. Organically Grown Company is a huge lifeline for our members, connecting specialty farmers to independent grocers,” said WFIA President & CEO Tammie Hetrick. “We are thrilled to celebrate OGC this year as our Vendor of the Year, and are so grateful for their continued efforts to support small grocers with organic products. Investing in small businesses and supporting their customers is a great way to grow interest in organics while also helping independent grocers thrive in local communities.” 

OGC partners with more than 350suppliers representing 1,000 organic farms to source and supply grocers, restaurants and food makers with premium organic produce. The company is also an active and vocal advocate for organic policy and causes, donating 2.5percent of profits to charity and investing in the organic supply chain through its Mission Fund grant program.